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Bully Resistant Show is a 30 minute weekly show! Bully Resistant of the Mind, Bully Resistant in Public School, Bully Resistant in the Music Business, and the Community. Everyone gets Bullied! Go to a mirror and you'll see the person who bully's you everyday...the words you say, your thoughts and your actions! Have you ever told your self, "Your not talented enough...I have no money...I have no contacts...I'm not smart enough...I don't live in the right city, on and on and on!

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I highly recommend David Wells! Not only does he have amazing musical ability, but he also engaged my students with relevant content, purposeful videos, and comedic interludes. He is able to convey the important point of “being kind to others” to young children without a fault. Book him now! Dr. Sarah Grose Bluewell Elementary School  


The bullying presentation was so good and your music was beautiful! Our students have not been gifted with such playing and talent ever! Thank you for agreeing to come. You definitely had and kept their attention throughout the entire time and I think you made an impact in some young lives for sure! Thank you and God Bless "Western High School 7959 OH-124, Latham, OH 45646 Principal Carrie West


Mr. Wells puts on an extremely energetic, educational show. Students are exposed to preventative bullying techniques, stories of bullying, as well as how to help someone that is being bullied. Throughout the show Mr. Wells peppers in some humor to keep students entertained. Mr. Wells was a tremendous hit educationally as well as a performer. -- Kayla Spencer Assist. Principal Pleasant County Middle School (304) 299-5275


It was our pleasure to bring David Wells back to the elementary school where he began his love of music as a young boy. David had a lively and engaging presentation today on bullying, the importance of music and working hard. David mixed his presentation with dialogue, videos, playing instruments and volunteers performing. Students and staff were engaged during the entire presentation which lasted an hour. We look forward to bringing David back to where he began. Greenmont Elementary Brett Ubbens, Principal 304-420-9544


Our students at Belmont Elementary continue to ask “When is Dave Wells coming back?” His high energy, the educational program incorporates artistic talent with life lessons that can be learned by all. David naturally keeps the students engaged with the program throughout his entire performance and appeals to all of our children from the youngest to the oldest. His anti-bullying message is so important in our world today and this presentation certainly guides students to consider their words, actions, and mindset. – Eric Croasmun, Principal Belmont Elementary School 304-299-5274


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