Why Should I have David Wells?



Wells, Grammy Nominee, Fulltime Instrumentalist (Flugelhorn / Trumpet player), CEO

of Chocolate Jazz Foundation 501C3 - Mission is to fight against Bullying in the public

schools and in the community, raised in Dallas, Tx. and has been living his dream as a

full time musician for 18 years. Since the age of nine, Wells began learning the Flugel-

horn and Trumpet with his professional debut at the age of thirteen. Wells has

released 15 solo projects and has charted 12 singles in the Top 20 on the national jazz

charts.  Bond also has a national syndicated weekly radio show in 50 different markets

across the country (NYC, Chicago, Miami). Wells is also a promoter in Nashville,

Bowling Green, KY. and Vienna, WV. , and has his own podcast called, Bully Resistant


Being raised in church his whole life and his father as a full time minister, my heart goes out to the local churches. I believe God has given each and every one of us a purpose/dream in life, and we need to rest assured that he's given us all the proper tools to make things happen.   I feel it's important to encourage people the importance to be connected to a local church, especially in today's society.  The majority of church growth is transient growth, people jumping from one church to another.  The music I share is a mixture of "Traditional Hymns to Contemporary Christian."(Chris Tomlin, Mercy Me, Matt Redmond, Israel Houghton, Skillet, etc...) 

When Wells ministers in churches, he wants the churches to know that he’s not necessarily looking to do a concert, or to be the featured guest (which he is open to), his goal is to enhance the service in any way possible. David says,"Ninety-nine percent of the time, when I'm ministering in a church, I always try to use the musicians (vocalist, instrumentalist's) at the church I'm visiting. Who would want to perform with backing tracks, especially when you have musicians from the church that are fully capable. It's not the Dave Wells Show!

Many times pastors tell me that their church already has awesome talent, and they don't need my ministry. I understand what their saying, my dad was a pastor for forty years!  Musician's "makeup" is a lot different then the average person. Fact...musicians get more rejection or no's in a year then the average person does in a life time. Musicians need an outlet where they can be refreshed and ministered by another musician, like myself. Don't wait when your musician from your church stops coming because he's either given up or burnt out!  

Over the years when ministering in churches Dave has done the following: Mini concerts w/ content (15 to 30 min.), 1 to 3 music specials during service.  One of the things that Dave loves to do when ministering in churches is to use musicians (vocalist, piano player, praise team) from that church. Dave says, ”I’ve spent almost 15 years supporting my dad’s church and whenever I can use the gifts within the church…Why Not! We’re stronger in number!

Wells started playing the trumpet at 9 years old; Bond has been married for 21 years, and has two kids; Bond was a “Music Director” at his Dad’s church for over 15 years before traveling full time across the country; Wells was a nominee for the 51st Grammy Awards for Best Pop Instrumental Album; Wells has appeared on several Christian TV stations: LaSea Broadcasting, TCT, Three Angels Broadcasting, Cornerstone TV; Bond is the CEO/Founder of Chocolate Jazz Foundation Inc.  501 ©(3) a foundation to keep music alive in the private and public schools; David is co founder of a national syndicated radio show that is broadcasted across the country;  Wells released his 14th solo album; Bond has had over a dozen singles hit in the top 20 on various radio charts radio stations across the country; “Never Giving Up” from his latest CD No Side Effects” was the #1 Most Added single in the country, and #1 most spin increase * Purchase Bond's CD's nationwide "Border's, Barnes & Nobles, Fye Stores and Best Buy" stores, nationwide 

Wells a gifted Flugelhorn / Trumpet player raised in Dallas Tx. has been living his dream of a career in music for 14 years.  Since the age of nine, Wells began learning the flugelhorn and trumpet with his professional debut at the age of thirteen.  Heavily influenced by Phil Driscoll, Kenny G, Louie Armstrong, Herb Alpert, and The Tijuana Brass, Bond evolved into an instrumental soloist with the capability of reaching his audiences on an intimate level.

Wells share’s his musical gift with the release of 15 CD’s and with approximately 150 shows per year.  In 2006, the release of  “More Love, More Power,” brought national acclaim on radio stations across the country and reached #13 on various radio charts.  Additionally, his performance of Strawberry Letter #23 was charted at #10 in early 2007. 

Wells's career soared in 2007 after moving to #10 on the R&R indicators, and becoming endorsed as a national performer with Conn and Selmer.  His television and sports appearances included airing in Columbus Blue Jackets on ESPN2 and performing for the Cincinnati Reds.  Bond was also featured in several Christian music magazines and networks, WTAP- TV’s (NBC) “Daybreak,” and numerous Christian conferences.

In 2007, Wells's career has expanded to include a guest appearance on the national television show "Studio Jams" which has over 10 million viewers on the "BET Station".  In November 2007, he was an entertainer aboard the luxurious Sovereign of the Seas, a smooth jazz cruise. 

In 2008 Wells was off to a strong start signing with Nuance Music Group based out of Long Island NY, then the release of “Friday Afternoon”. This full-length album will be released in February on both Nuance and Little Fish Records.  “Friday Afternoon” is a collection of original instrumental pieces, which reaches out and touches the listener’s heart and soul.

Wells music is so engaging his holiday single, “Deck the Halls” hit #1 as the most added song on Radio Stations Nationwide such as Chicago, Miami, Orlando, NYC, and many more.  He also hit #8 in the Top 10 most spin increase listing Nationwide.  Since 2008 Bond has released six more CD’s including “Light”, which was released in August 2011.  On September 5th David promoted his first single “Move”(by Mercy Me) and reached #1 “Most Added” single on R&R & Smooth Jazz.Com (national charts).  Also Wells's single “Move” was #1 with most spin increase.  Also on September 9th & 10th 2011 Wells's single was featured on Smooth Jazz Network, based out of LA California.