Bully Resistant Workshop

Must have Reservations

"Limited Time, Limited Space"

Call 304-295-4088

or  bahamblues@gmail.com

The Seminar Will Include:​​

  • Verbal De-escalation

  • Distance Management

  • Threat Assessment/Aggressive Posturing

  • Basic Techniques to address Bullying Tactics

Instructor: David Wells has studied under Joshua Cole - Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu, Instructor & Owner at Marietta Combat Sports for two years, Blue Belt in Jiu Jitsu and competes on a regular basis

Travis Sayre - Has studied Jiu Jitsu under Joshua Cole for 2 yrs, Black Belt in Judo...

Bullying Statistics

  • 85% of all bullying there is No intervention

  • 1 out 3 kids get bullied every day of the school year

  • 1 out of 5 kids are doing the bullying

  • over 175,000 kids don’t go to school every day because their afraid

  • bullying is at a record high

Chocolate Jazz Foundation is a 501C3, and our mission is to keep music a live in the public schools and to help fight against Bullying. Because of the cutback in education there is little or no funds to fight against this epidemic.   The Bully Resistant Seminar is a fundraiser that will help Chocolate Jazz Foundation to continue to bring awareness to your community about bullying in and outside public schools. 

Thanks to the following Sponsors: 

Joe & Sharon Kuhl, Roger Conley (Conley Fabricators) Abdi Godsey (PARS), Dr. Michael Mason DDS, Dottie Dalton (Mystic Hills Transportation), Bill Richardson Atty. and Scott Heckert, Hunt Brawley (MGR of Peoples Bank Theater)