Executive Summary


Chocolate Jazz™ is the brainchild of nationally known musician, Dave Bond.  Bond is an established  “smooth jazz” performer, Grammy nominee, American Smooth Jazz nominated, and is endorsed by Conn/Selmer as a national performer.  Bond has released his 14 CD's, concert promoter in Nashville, Bowling Green, KY. Parkersburg, WV., and a public speaker


Chocolate Jazz Foundation

Our mission of Chocolate Jazz Foundation is to keep music alive in the public schools, and to help fight against "Bullying" and the importance of "Making Right Choices." 


Our Market

Since early 2010, Bond has performed an average of 4 to 6 school assemblies per week during the schol year, reaching an avergae of 6,000 kids per month.  Ninety-nine percent of all school assemblies are free of charge to the public schools. Hundreds of assemblies has been performed in the following states: West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina.  School Assemblies will expand as we increase funding sources and resources expand.  Our goal is to be a known fundraiser within school systems nationwide. 


Financial Considerations and Growth Strategies

Chocolate Jazz Foundation has just kicked off its first fundraising efforts by securing sponsors for the event and ticket sales.  Marketing and advertising efforts are being strategically analyzed currently and will be adjusted (+/-) moving forward.  We will be seeking private donations, sponsors, ‘friends”, and grants.  Currently there is not a paid staff. 

Our wish list for now includes simple items that will assist Chocolate Jazz Foundation to operate most efficiently.  Such items would be a computer, printer, a bookkeeping system such as “Quick Books for Non-Profits”, paper, and a multitude of miscellaneous items.  Of course, cash for operating expense is also a must.


Marketing and Advertising

A marketing and advertising strategic plan will be developed shortly.  This plan will include a comprehensive market analysis and a best cost approach to plan and cost out events.  Utilization of brochures, newspapers, radio, and word-of-mouth advertising will assist in these efforts.  We will attempt to piggyback events in market areas.


Chocolate Jazz is fully trademarked and service marked.  We will utilize our website to post events and keep the public abreast of Chocolate Jazz activities.  We also take advantage of the social networks like Facebook to draw fans.  

Please join Chocolate Jazz Foundation in our efforts of keeping Arts and Music Education Programs in our nations schools.


For more information, please contact David Wells on 304-295-4088 or

Thank you

Dave Bond