Horizon Science Academy
Thank you for presenting an excellent anti-bullying program to our K-4 students and also grades 5-8 .  The students were engaged and highly entertained by his superior musicianship.  In regards to you visiting all the class rooms and answering the students questions, this made your visit more personal.  I would highly recommend you for any school wishing to address the issue of “Bullying & Making Right Choices.”  Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown Marla Sparks (937) 281-1980

Pleasant County Middle School

Mr. Wells puts on an extremely energetic, educational show. Students are exposed to preventative bullying techniques, stories of bullying, as well as how to help someone that is being bullied. Throughout the show Mr. Wells peppers in some humor to keep students entertained. Mr. Wells was a tremendous hit educationally as well as a performer. -- Kayla Spencer Assist. Principal Pleasant County Middle School (304) 299-5275

Greenmont Elementary   

It was our pleasure to bring David Wells back to the elementary school where he began his love of music as a young boy. David had a lively and engaging presentation today on bullying, the importance of music and working hard. David mixed his presentation with dialogue, videos, playing instruments and volunteers performing. Students and staff were engaged during the entire presentation which lasted an hour. We look forward to bringing David back to where he began. Greenmont Elementary Brett Ubbens, Principal 304-420-9544



Thank you for providing both an informational and motivational assembly this morning that was presented in such an engaging way that kids really listened.  You are a talented musician, and we appreciate you!! Cynthia Beavers, Principle Graham High School Bluefield, VA. (276) 326-1235 


We loved your performance!  Thank you so much! Toni Bishop, Principal Gilmer County Elementary School 304-462-7338



By sharing his musical talents, David Wells communicated the message that making right choices is critical to success.  Our students realized that no matter what your age or prior experiences, one must overcome adversity and "keep trying" to reach a goal.  Hard work, desire, and "getting back up" again and again are what it takes for success.  Trista Claxon, Principle Ridgewood Middle School 740-545-6335


David Wells performed at Greenmont Elementary School and was fantastic. David was able to play beautifully for our students, In addition to having everyone's undivided attention due to his performance skills,  In addition to the musical performance, David also spoke to students about working hard, doing your best and being kind to other people. During this segment David showed a brief video created by another elementary school regarding bullying and being supportive of others against bullying. All in all, our audience was extremely impressed by David's musical prowess as well as his willingness to discuss an important subject such as bullying. I would highly recommend David Wells to other schools and organizations. On behalf of our community, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule for our school. Sincerely, Mr. Brett Ubbens Principal Greenmont  Elementary School Vienna, WV. 304-420-9544 


Thank you so much for coming to Lincoln High School today and performing!!! Your message on "Making Right Choices & Bullying" was incredible. As I sat in the middle of the students they were so quiet and seemed to enjoy it very much as well.  We hope that you visit us again in the near future. Thanks again!! Holly Hawkins, Assistant Principle Lincoln High School


It was our pleasure to host Mr. David Wells at McKinley Middle School.  His presentation was part of a community outreach program between the local ministerial association and the schools that are in their district.  David engaged our students in his anti-bullying presentation with his personality and wonderful musical talent.  He spoke to them about his personal experience when he was their age and his story touched a note with both students and staff.  His message of “Treat other as you want to be treated” and “Everyone is unique” are values that our school embraces daily.  David’s presentation is truly one that any school would benefit from and encourage anyone reading this to invite him to speak to your students.  Taking time from your instructional day to participate in his presentation is definitely time NOT wasted.  Melody Bias, McKinley Middle School

Western High School
The bullying presentation was so good and your music was beautiful! Our students have not been gifted with such playing and talent ever! Thank you for agreeing to come. You definitely had and kept their attention throughout the entire time and I think you made an impact in some young lives for sure! Thank you and God Bless Western High School 7959 OH-124, Latham, OH 45646 Principal Carrie West



Thank you so much for bringing your energy and enthusiasm for our youth at Clay County Middle School. Your anti bullying message brought through music and entertainment reinforced our message to students. You make a difference. Sincerely, Anita Stephenson, Principal and Fan! 304-587-2343


Mr. Wells did an awesome job with his assembly about bullying and making the right choices. My students really enjoyed it. He does a very nice job! We would love to have him come back! Britini Ramsey, Principle 304-587-4823



David's musical and motivational presentation was alive!  Our students interacted with David and made an instant connection.  David is high energy and focused on helping young people.  Crystal Gibson Assistant Principle (304) 587-4226


I want to thank for bringing your message on “Bullying & Making Right Choices.” Your message to our students was as high-quality as his musical talents. We’ve had several assemblies over the years but your assembly was very engaging and the students loved the interactive aspects of your presentation.   I will highly recommend to any school looking for a positive message and entertaining performance. Jarrod Renner, Principle at Union Elementary School (740) 327-2351


Mr. Wells provided the students of Orrville High School a motivational message on Bullying & Making Right Choices. He encouraged students to dream, while focusing on the importance of making good choices. David has the unique ability to captivate the audience with a live musical performance, while using perfectly inserted short video clips in the presentation to solidify his message. Our students were certainly enlightened and we are grateful for his time in Orrville High School. Tim Adams, Principle 330-682-4661


“I want you to know that you delighted our students staff and some parents who were in attendance, with your professional presentation of Music, Anti-Bullying and over all message of treating people the way you want to be treated. You’re a special person that can make anyone feel special.  I want you to know that I would love to be a reference for anyone that’s interested having you at their school.  Mr. Don Bower, Principle Leon Elementary Pt. Pleasant, WV.


Thank you so much for coming to visit our school on Tuesday.  I am sorry I could not be here but I had to do the OEPA audit for Kanawha County Schools.  I have received nothing but great reviews from students and faculty.  In fact they have thanked me for the opportunity and some feel it was a shame that we couldn't get the entire student body into the performance to enjoy the experience.  I highly recommend you to any and every school.  Thank you for being a class act and at the same time provide great entertainment.  Tim McCartney, Principal, Parkersburg South High School Parkersburg WV. (304) 420-9610  tmccartn@k12.wv.us



David Wells captivated and engaged with over 500 Washington Middle School Students throughout the entire assembly!  David's message on bullying & making right choices combined with his impressive musical talents has our student body still talking about the assembly days later.   Thank you, David,! Eric Wayne, Principal Washington Middle School in Washington Court House, Oh. 740-335-0291


There is nothing like seeing the excitement on children's faces as they get to hear an inspirational message and live music. Davis Wells brought an upbeat message about anti-bullying and achieving life goals. He captivated the student's through his touching music and important message. Thank you for coming! Gina Gill Music Teacher Hite Saunders Elementary Huntington, WV.


At a recent assembly, students and staff of Van Devender were captivated by the music and message of David Wells.  He enhanced his thoughtful words about bullying and choosing positive life styles with beautiful renditions of tunes on his flugelhorn.  He managed to keep middle schoolers engaged during the whole assembly, and they left speaking positively about what they heard. Christy Bixman M.A. Counselor:Van Devender Middle School 304.420.9645


Thank you so much for presenting your message to North Warren students.  The students loved meeting you.  We really appreciated the personal attention and connections you made to the students.  I personally was also impressed with how engaged the students were during the presentation.  The blend of music and message was exceptional.  Loletia Hicks, Guidance Counselor, North Warren School Bowling Green, KY.